St Johns Wort Benefits and Side Effects

Millions of people have suffered over the centuries with the debilitating effects caused by depression and other mental anxieties. The onset of both can affect all aspects of a person’s life: Their family, career, and other important relationships. For these reasons (and many others not mentioned), those affected have sought relief. Many have found using the herb St. John’s Wort brings amazing relief.

The ancient Greeks recorded the use of St. John’s Wort over 2,000 years ago and gave the herb its name from an early Christian feast of St. John the Baptist. This feast takes place near the time when the plant blooms, in late June.

Mild-to-moderate depression and mild anxiety have been successfully treated by this star-shaped herb.

Although the herb has been used for centuries as an anti-depressant, its mood-altering qualities have been identified and researched only recently.

The active ingredient in St. John’s Wort that gives positive effects, is the reddish-purple extract located in the plant’s leaves and blooms called Hypericin. This extract can calm mild-to-moderate symptoms of depression, mild anxiety disorders, and some sleep disorders.

Recent studies have proven the functionality and success rate of St. John’s Wort. In one case, the herb gave 250% greater results than a placebo given to over 100 persons with depression. Another study showed 80% of over 3,200 people experienced significant improvement in their depression symptoms over a four-week period.

The British Medical Journal published an article in August of 1996 that analyzed 25 different studies which showed that St John’s Wort relieved symptoms just as much as many of the drugs out there without causing the side effects associated with these drugs – namely headache and vomiting.

In addition to its documented success as an anti-depressant, St. John’s Wort has also been used over the years in the remedy of fatigue, arthritis, nervousness, leg sciatica, and congestion; although specific studies have yet to be conducted to verify effectiveness.

So if you are suffering from any of the above ailments, try St. John’s Wort as a tea or as a cut herb and enjoy their life enhancing properties.

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