Chickweed Benefits by Easing Pain and Swelling

Often considered to be just a weed, chickweed herb is really a useful herbal treatment. Like dandelion, chickweed plagues lawns everywhere because its seeds are easily spread by the wind and it thrives in temperate climates. Because chickweed is so common and its positive effects as an herbal remedy are mild, the great benefits of chickweed herb are often overlooked.

There are a lot of different herbal remedies that chickweed herb is a part of. One of the most famous folk uses of chickweed was as a cure for obesity. Chickweed can help with weight loss because it acts as a diuretic and helps to keep people from feeling hungry. However, there are many other and better uses of chickweed herb besides as a weight loss aid.

One of the most useful uses for this herb is to bring down swelling and help lessen the pain a person is feeling. Many creams and ointments use this herb in order to help people suffering from a number of different skin conditions and ailments.

Chickweed can also decrease internal pain, swelling, and other conditions. If you want to try this you can either eat it as you would any other leafy green or you can make it into a tea and drink it. Chickweed herb can sometimes even stop bleeding in the stomach and the rest of the digestive system, and it will help to make an upset stomach feel better. Those with plaque or toxins in their blood could also get some help with their condition if they used this herb.

This herb might also be useful in treating or preventing a number of other illnesses, maybe even such things as cancer or heart disease. Sometimes chickweed herb can be used in place of prescription drugs or over-the-counter drugs as a natural alternative. However, this should always be discussed with your doctor first because it isn’t safe to self diagnose and treat.

We shouldn’t keep overlooking this mild but effective treatment option. Also, because it is so common, it should not be difficult for one to obtain as much of it as he needs to cure whatever ails him. Another reason chickweed is overlooked is that its pollen is a common allergen. However, once chickweed is dried, it almost never causes allergy symptoms.

The disadvantages of this plant are pretty easy to get around, so it should be used more often. It is primarily a useful, natural alternative to many over-the-counter drugs for easing both external and internal pain and swelling, although it has many other applications as well.

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