Burdock Roots Benefit the Body

If you have ever walked through an open field and ended up with socks or pant legs covered with burrs, you have already met burdock. Officially Arctium lappa, the root, seeds, and leaves of this pant are very medicinal! A native of Europe, Asia, and North America, the burdock root has a gummy consistency and tastes sweet while the leaves are bitter, similar to dandelion. Some liken the stalks to the taste of celery.

Some of burdocks secret ingredients include calcium, arcigen, essential oil, chlorogenic acid, inulin, flavonoids, mucilage,lactone, polyacetylenes, resin, potassium, tannin, and taraxosterol. It contains vitamins C and B3 (niacin), as well as significant amounts of chromium, magnesium, copper, and iron. The trace amounts of organic mercury in the root make it ideal for mercury detox formulas.

Historically, burdock seeds were used to make a mixture that eased pain from arthritis. It was also used to treat rheumatism, gout, ulcers, acne, psoriasis, and eczema. These seeds contain beneficial fatty acids and the oil from the seeds can increase perspiration, cleansing the body during influenza, gallbladder or liver disorders. It also helps cleans the kidneys. The burdock tea or just the leaves or tea can be used to treat poison ivy or poison oak. Some just like to eat the leaves or roots as a food.

The root is best known as a blood purifier. This may be related to its diuretic properties. Many of the ingredients in the seeds are also in the roots, like beneficial oils, iron, and inulin. The root serves as a gentle laxative and will help rid the body of uric acid. Polyacetylenes are also present in the root, substances known to fight both fungus and bacteria.

Burdock root has been used for centuries as a remedy for arthritis, viruses like colds, measles, tonsillitis, throat pain, and, as mentioned, as a diuretic. The Chinese believed it was an aphrodisiac, and effective in treating impotence and barrenness.

Treating dandruff and encouraging healthy hair growth are two more applications of this herb. A simple massage of the scalp with burdock root oil does wonders. Burdock contains arctigenin, a substance effective in slowing cancerous tumor growth, and Essiac and Hoxsey, both chemicals used in cancer treatment.

Burdock is available in teas, pills, ointments, or as Bur oil. It is very safe whether taken internally or externally, but be sure the burdock you have is pure. Because of its likeness in appearance to belladonna, a lethal plant, some have claimed burdock is not safe when it was really mixed with this look alike.

Though burdock may help with abnormal blood sugar levels, it should be used cautiously in this way. Some say don’t use burdock if you are pregnant because it may cause uterine contractions. Others claim it is perfectly safe. But as a body cleanser, it is best to use burdock in combination with other herbs or at least in small amounts. Otherwise, it could work too well. Also, don’t expect it to work overnight as a blood cleanser. Give it at least three months.

So give burdock capsules or burdock roots a try today and experience the benefits for yourself.

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