Benefits of the Elderberry Herb

elderberry herbElderberry, or what is also known as “elder flower,” is a kind of tree that produces flowers that are cream in color, and deep purple berries come autumn. These trees are indigenous to Europe, though they have been adopted in the Americas as well. They are also very popular in England where they have been used for years, specifically for their medicinal properties, as well as a key ingredient in pies and wine. Traditionally, the elderberry herb has been used in relieving pain, water retention, swelling and inflammations, and congestion. All of the tree’s parts, including its flowers, leaves, and bark, have been utilized in the practice of herbal medicine.

Nevertheless, it is actually the elderberry’s berries and flowers that are more frequently used for medicinal purposes. Elderberries have a rich content of flavonoids, natural chemical elements responsible for giving food both color and taste. They are also helpful in boosting the body’s immune system as well as supplying it with an efficient antioxidant defense. The bark of the elderberry when aged is effective in the treatment of constipation and water retention.

How Elderberry is Used

The leaves of the elderberry tree when included in topical creams are effective in the treatment of inflammatory conditions like arthritis, eczema, and boils. It is also very useful in treating certain illnesses that are associated with a weakened immune system. As a matter of fact, certain studies have proven its effectiveness in fighting viruses such as herpes and HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus.

The Elderberry is considered to be a highly effective herb for the prevention and the treatment of infections on the upper respiratory system. According to laboratory studies that have been conducted, this herb is able to reduce extreme secretions of mucus. It has also been suggested that the herb is able to reduce inflammations on the mucous membranes, decrease congestion of the nasal passages for people suffering from bacterial sinusitis, and reduce inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Elderberry flowers are the key ingredients of an herbal medicine that has been successful in treating bronchitis. Cold and flu symptoms are also alleviated through the use of the elderberry extract included in certain syrups or lozenges. Elderberry contains “Sambucus nigra agglutinins” or SNAs that are effective in keeping certain kinds of flu viruses from contaminating the healthy cells in the body. Herbal medicines that contain elderberry are recommended to treat flu symptoms.

The elderberry flowers have also been utilized as an effective insect repellent. Some people place sprays of the elderberry flowers on their horses’ bridles to keep pests away. Elderberry flowers that have been dried and are in their powdered form are combined with water and applied onto the skin to work as a repellent against mosquitoes. People have also used the elderberry herb to help with weight loss, and as a treatment for insomnia, headaches from migraines, rheumatism, and renal disorders. The herb has been used to treat burns, chafing, psoriasis, edema, gout, hepatic disease, syphilis, toothache, asthma, epilepsy, and to heal wounds faster. The juice of the elderberry has been utilized to dye the hair and added in the preparation of aromatic ointments.

The Common Forms of Elderberry

Elderberry can be bought in capsule, tablet, extract, and tincture forms. The dried elderberry flowers or its berries are available as well, and may be used in preparing herbal teas. The fresh flowers of the elderberry are frequently used for making topical creams to alleviate arthritic pains.

It is always best to purchase commercially prepared elderberry should you decide to start taking the herb for its medicinal benefits. This is because consuming large amounts of the juice can bring about uncontrollable diarrhea due to its chemical content of sambungrin. When uncooked berries are consumed, vomiting and nausea may occur. The green sections of the elderberry tree are toxic, so that eating its stems and its leaves must be avoided. Elderberry products must be used with caution due to its cyanide toxicity. Pregnant and lactating women are also discouraged from taking elderberry.

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