Benefits of Dandelion Leaf and Dandelion Root

dandelion leafAlthough a lot of people may consider the dandelion to be an unwanted weed, those who practice herbal medicine think exactly the opposite, believing that dandelion leaf and dandelion root is not only good for food, but can provide a lot of health benefits too. There are different varieties of dandelion that thrive in temperate are of Asia, North America, and Europe. A resilient perennial, the dandelion grows to almost 12 inches in height and have flowers that are bright yellow in color. The dandelion leaf is shaped like a spatula with deep notches, toothy edges, and has a smooth and shiny appearance. It also works as a funnel for rain water to get to the roots of the plant.

The dandelion is packed with vitamins A, C, D, and B complex, along with essential minerals like iron, zinc, and potassium. It also contains copper, cobalt, molybdenum and boron. The dandelion leaves are usually added as flavoring for salads and sandwiches as well as tea, while the roots can work as substitutes for coffee. Dandelion flowers are utilized in making wine. Traditionally, the leaves and the roots of the dandelion were used as treatment for liver disorders. Boiling them in water was a method of treating inflammations, skin disorders, heartburn, stomach pains, and kidney disease.

The Health Benefits of Dandelion

While dandelion has gained popularity because of its pretty flowers and how they are great to look at, there are so many other benefits that they offer for keeping healthy that are a lot more important than their appearance. Because of the fact that dandelion has a rich amount of calcium, it can be quite effective in keeping the bones healthy. Calcium is essential in building up strong bones. Its anti-oxidant contents include Luteolin and vitamin C, both necessary in protecting the bones form free radicals and other age-related problems.

The juice of the dandelion is able to help people with diabetes through stimulating insulin production from the pancreas. In turn, blood sugar is maintained at a low level. The dandelion leaf acts as a diuretic that encourages frequent urination with diabetics. When this happens, excess sugar is eliminated from the patient’s body. The plant’s diuretic properties are able to assist in the removal of sugar deposits within the kidneys through urination. This is a great help for diabetics who are liable to suffer from renal problems. The liver can benefit from dandelion as well. The Luteolin and vitamin C that is present in the plant allows the liver to function properly, as well as to protect it from the aging process.

The anti-oxidants found in the dandelion plant fight free radicals that play a major role in the development of cancer. Additionally, detoxification helps in protecting the body from cancer. Because it contains iron, vitamins, and proteins, dandelion can also help in the prevention of anemia. This is because iron is a vital element of hemoglobin, while vitamin B and protein are necessary for red blood cell formation, all of which can be found in dandelion.

The sap of the dandelion or dandelion milk is effective in the treatment of skin diseases caused by infections that are microbial as well as fungal in nature. This is because of the alkaline as well s the other properties of the dandelion. People with acne can make use of the juice of the dandelion as a detoxifier, a stimulant, an anti-oxidant, and a diuretic, which are all necessary in treating acne.

dandelion rootThe dandelion leaf, being a diuretic is able to assist in the treatment of so many diseases that stems from infrequent urination. Gall bladder problems can be resolved through the invaluable help of the dandelion. Weight loss is also possible because urine contain about 4% fats in the body. By urinating more frequently, water together with fats are eliminated. The dandelion is able to help a person lose weight and not have to suffer from side effects caused by other methods.

Common Forms of Dandelion

Dandelion is available in various forms such as teas, liquid extracts, capsules, and tablets. They can also be obtained fresh and dried. They may also be purchased on their own or as part of other types of dietary supplements.

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